Saturday, November 16, 2019

Here's the Plan...for now anyway!

It's my company's 2 year anniversary for being on AX 2012 R3!!! 

We started seriously discussing D365 earlier this year.  Having our company's system administrator/DBA attend Summit helped to bring focus to the technical aspects of the transition.  After a number of discussions internally and with our partner, we decided to wait another year before making a decision on how we'll move forward with Dynamics AX.

Here's a few reasons that brought us to that decision:

  • R3 version will continue to remain on mainline support until Nov 2021
  • We first need to decide if we will go Cloud or On-Premise - this is a big debate
    • Licensing - On-Premise stays perpetual vs. Cloud is subscription
    • Migration path - Cloud has a supported upgrade path vs. On-Premise currently does not have a supported upgrade path BUT it is coming
    • Cost of Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • We have other projects that will take precedence this coming calendar year
However, we will still spend some time this coming year related to our D365 journey.  This is what we are planning to do:
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment 
    •  understand the cloud components and options
    • review what parts of our infrastructure will need to change
    • potentially start some early migrations, e.g. Azure AD
  • D365 Upgrade Assessment
    • perform full review of our current implementation including customization
    • licensing review
    • review new functionality to potentially replace customizations or change business process
    • understand depricated functions
    • size the effort and cost

We still have time contrary to other AX customers who are all off mainline support already!!!