Sunday, November 12, 2017

R3 Upgrade - The Final Countdown!!!

We are down to the final stretch!

  • Our final UAT was completed, a few issues but resolved and retested!
  • Communication to executive staff and managers sent a week ago.
  • Reminder to Finance and Operations management regarding downtime.
  • Final cutover plan completed and reviewed!
  • Two issues remain:
    1. Mapping of the user's local machine is not working.  This is something we did with group policies previously, it is not working in R3.  We will shift to using a network drive.
    2. Font issue - In some cases, the user see the AX menu in a very, very large font.  Upon navigation, it gets very small and then can overlap.  This leaves the user unable to use AX.  We suspect it is a Windows 10 issue.  So far it is only happening with 1 or 2 individuals and only when undocked.  We're asking 30+ people to test on Monday to see if any others experience the issue.  Hope not!
  • If we are a go - decision end of day Monday, then we'll take the production environment down on Friday at 3 pm (end of our day shift), and begin the upgrade.
  • Conversion activities by IT goes through Saturday afternoon/evening.
  • The project team will come in on Sunday morning to do live transaction smoke testing.
  • If all goes well, we'll release the system to all users by 4 pm Sunday for our Taiwan colleagues.


  1. Thanks for your updates on this!

    One question: what does this mean? "Mapping of the user's local machine is not working." What were you mapping?

  2. Hi, when using RDS servers, the C drive is the RD server instead of the user's local machine. So we mapped a network drive to be an alias for the user's local machine - their C drive. We could not effect this in R3 so have abandoned this. We defined a network drive to be accessible to every user where they each have a folder matching their AD userid.