Saturday, November 18, 2017

Our environment is upgraded - validating now!!!

DBA is done!

Our Production environment is upgraded!!!

- Database is split: business data and metadata.
- RTM USR layer model is deleted -- security is now in the CUS layer!
- R3 models and hot fixes installed.
- Several jobs were run related to hot fixes, differences in R3 that required some data clean up.

The environment has been passed to the IT Applications team for validations and a few remaining configurations and migrations.

- AIF services and Inbound ports need to be activated.
- Integrations need to be turned on.
- Batch jobs need to be set up.
- Some Transform projects need to be migrated.

We will have a functional team along with some of our IT team in tomorrow morning to perform live transactions to insure we are ready for Monday morning when all our users come online.

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