Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Liftoff minus 1.,.

We made the decision on Tuesday to move ahead with our upgrade plans!!!

We made this decision after expanding our test pool for the font issue.  No other users reported the issue.

Communications were sent out:

  1. To all enterprise employees to inform them of the upgrade, downtime to AX, and acknowledge and thank the project team.
  2. Directed email to all AX users to communicate one-time events, permanent changes, how to report and escalate issues.
  3. Directed email to manufacturing with additional information.
Preparations for upgrade:
  1. Environment refreshes - (1) copy of current production at the time of the upgrade and keep for reference of personalizations and general reference; (2) copy of our final R3 testing environment for reference; and (3) copy of R3 Prod after upgrade for production support.
  2. Smoke test preparations - we've identified several tests that we will perform live in the upgraded R3 environment.  Functional leads will work to gather transactions that can be performed on Sunday after the upgrade is complete.
  3. Lunch on Sunday - the smoke testing team will be thanked with a lunch out.
  4. Donuts - we plan to get donuts for go-live Monday for our manufacturing staff.  This is because so many will arrive at once and will experience a slow log in and one-time set up needs.
DBA is very busy!!!

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