Saturday, October 7, 2017

A new go-live date - 40 days and counting...

Well... to try and hold our newly selected go-live date, we couldn't wait for Microsoft to find a solution to our printer issue.  It appears maybe that Windows/SQL Server 2012  just doesn't talk well to Dynamics AX.

So after reaching out to other Dynamics users on various social mediums (LinkedIn, Twitter, and AXUG online forums) as well as reaching out directly to companies in our local chapter, we've decided to locally install the printers onto each RD server.  This will complicate management and maintenance of printers and printer queues, but so far the printer list is staying stable.  The downside is that all users will see all printers that are installed.  Previously with group policies, we could define the list of printers for specific user group.  We have learned however that you can maintain printer using gpo, so we'll work on that.

We are now performing a final CRP which includes additional scope.  We worked on several backlog requests with work being done internally and from our implementation partner.  With R3, the workflow capability is more robust and we decided to implement purchase requisition approvals using job hierarchy and signing limit policy.  We also got Enterprise Portal installed, something that we did not do in our RTM environment.  This will give us the capability to send an email approval notification to approvers and they can click on a link which will take them to Enterprise Portal to approve without having to enter in their login credentials.

So besides having an upgraded environment with more current and supportable infrastructure and application versions, we'll also be adding some new functionality and capabilities to our users.

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