Saturday, August 5, 2017

RD server printing issues...share your experiences, PLEASE!

What's wrong with this picture?

The printer is printing is going on!!!  Can't find my printer -or- it takes too long to print!!!

Okay, our issues are not that bad, but printing can be very slow coming out of AX.

We are using:
- Remote desktop services
- Group policies to determine what the user will see as their list of printers, this is because we have 4 main geographical areas
- Print drivers are loaded on each of the RD servers
- All printing goes through one print server
- Label printing uses a label interface application to Bartender
- Pixel perfect printing uses an application that has print forms that has some print management features
- Label formats and print forms share common folders between our R3 and current RTM environment

So now the story...

We've been working on an issue with our R3 environment.  The printer list was not populating properly.  It was not consistently serving up the complete list and/or the list that appears on the RD server is not matching the list that is seen once in AX.  Our infrastructure team has been working on these issues the last week or so.  We switched from roaming profiles to user profile disk.  But that has not appeared to have solved it.  They've done other things to try to help the situation, but I can't even begin to describe them!

Now coincidentally, we are having printing issues in our current RTM production environment.  Is it related?  We are not sure.  The environments DO share the same print server.  Could it be something we did on the R3 side that has inadvertently affected the RTM side?  Or is our RTM RD printing having its own issue because it knows its getting eliminated!!!  😀

We've been wanting to look at another way to control our printing.  Maybe the time has come, however at an unfortunate time - in the 11th hour of our R3 upgrade!!!

Anyone have ideas, experiences, or commiserating stories to share?!?  Has anyone looked at ThinPrint, UniPrint, or TSPRINT?  Any thoughts, opinions, ideas would be greatly appreciated by this PM!!!

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