Monday, August 21, 2017

Launch Delayed!!!

"A fully loaded shuttle ... includes lots of complex circuitry and moving parts, all of which can break. ... NASA will delay, or scrub, a launch after detecting an existing or potential problem. Delaying the launch can allow threats to dissipate or give officials time to diagnose and repair problems."  (excerpt from article)

And so it goes with our R3 upgrade.  We've delayed our launch that was planned to go-live over this past weekend.  We were not able to resolve our issue with Dynamics AX consistently serving up printer assignments.  We believe it is an issue with remote desktop services and how it is communicating with Dynamics AX.  We have a case open with Microsoft now.  If you want to read more about our issue, you can go to my previous post "RD server printing issues...share your experiences, PLEASE!"

Never fear though, we will push forward!  Stay tuned for more updates soon!

So I guess I'll have to spend my next few hours watching the total eclipse of the sun...

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