Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bartender label mysteries!!!

As a part of our Dynamics AX implementation, we have a bartender integration that allow us the ability to maintain our bartender label templates, populate the label with data from AX, and issue a print command to Seagull Bartender and printing is done on Zebra printers.

Print drivers are loaded onto our RD servers and the list of printers are served up to each user using group policies.  We have one print server.

Two mysteries...

Mystery #1:

We print using 2 types of label stock, some are continuous feed and others are perforated label stock.  We have over a 100 label formats.  Each label format includes printer settings.  In AX, we have a customization that populates the label template with data, and then issues a print command.

Somehow ALL our label formats were updated to perforated.  This caused quite a bit of havoc on our manufacturing floor because all our continuous feed printers started spewing out label stock and would not stop!!!

If we look at the label formats, the last updated dates are all different - some even very old.  How did that happen?!?  It seems some system operation updated them since the last updated date did not change.  We had been testing in our R3 test environment as well as printing in our production environment.

Mystery #2:
Something is slowing down label printing.  It can take up to a minute or more from when they issue the print command to when the first label is printed.  If multiple labels were requested, this can get very slow.  Sometimes the desired printer is not listed, and the user has to back out of the form and re-open in hopes that the printer list is updated.  Is it RDP, Seagull, or Zebra -- whose holding onto those labels???

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share any thoughts...

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