Sunday, July 30, 2017

Some R3 Upgrade Mysteries...HELP! solved, we hope!

We've got 3 weeks to go!  Still working through some technical issues.  I'm guessing it has something to do with our remote desktop and how it interacts with Dynamics AX.  But not completely sure.

Thank you to all that replied to me regarding this post!!!

Issue #1:
Whenever logging into AX, the below message is displayed "File Deployment: The client installation is missing the required files to run Microsoft Dynamics.  Click OK to install them now."

The user can click OK, and the system continues immediately into AX.

One of our 3rd party packages (to remain unnamed) needed to copy a DLL file to a fileshare.  We removed Cryptolocker, and this has appeared to solve the problem.

Issue #2:
When trying to save a file attachment, the below message appears "The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.  Please contact your system administrator."

The user can click OK, and save their file.  We have files storing on a file share inside our network.
This was also a security issue, and resolved.  AX was setting to default location to a place where users can't access - hence the error message.  Sadly, now the default is the bin directory - the user no longer see the error message.  They however will need to manually navigate to where their file does exist that they want to save as an AX attachment.

I greatly appreciate all the responses that I received!!!


  1. The first one (file deployment message) typically happens when a new feature/module or something is deployed and should only appear the first time someone logs-in to a computer. If it happens all the time, then I'm stumped. Maybe check to confirm that the files are actually deployed?

    The second one (restrictions) looks like a Windows GPO setting that is blocking something, or a file share permissions problem. Make sure the user has the proper access to the file share.

    Don't know if the above will help or not... good luck!

  2. I updated the blog with what we hope is the solutions. We have yet to test it completely, but it is looking pretty good.