Monday, July 31, 2017

Countdown to R3 - 17 days!

I'm in the pilot seat and doing the pre-flight check.  We've identified a few "startup" issues that we are trying to resolve still or our "upgrade" flight will be delayed.  The flight crew is busy trying to resolve the technical issues so our upgrade flight can take off as scheduled.

If you are a techie or know a MVP that might be able help, please forward the issues to them.  The issues are documented in my prior R3 Upgrade post titled "Some R3 Upgrade Issues - HELP!".

The flight attendants are ready to test at a moment's notice as they are so, so ready for this flight to take off on schedule!

Flight attendants have a pre-flight items to check themselves, but they are minor in nature and have declared "ready for takeoff"!!!

Countdown now at 17 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes to lift off!!!  At that time, we'll begin our takeoff.  It includes all our final pre-flight steps, the 24 hour flight, then post-flight checks before we let all passengers off the plane make the announcement on the plane loudspeakers that we've arrived at our destination - R3!!!  The ground crew are ready to take the luggage off the plane and hand it to our passengers.

Pilot = Project Manager
Flight attendants = Project team members consisting of functional leads, IT applications business analysts and developers, and DBA
Flight crew = IT Operations staff - DBA, HelpDesk, network administrator, and network analyst
Ground crew = Project team and IT staff
Passengers = Our AX users
Luggage = this is the baggage that comes with the upgrade that affects all our passengers including usage data being reset, personalizations to be redone, batch jobs to recreate)

Flight check = open issues remaining
Pre-flight check = pre-upgrade steps, these are some steps we'll do before we had the environment over to our DBA
Flight = 24 hours elapsed time that we've allowed for our DBA to run through the various scripts and steps to actually perform the upgrade
Post-flight checks = various configurations and migration steps done by the IT Applications staff

I hope you've enjoyed my analogy of the actual R3 upgrade flight, pre-flight, and post-flight!

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