Thursday, June 1, 2017

Practice makes perfect !?!

If you've ever cooked something for the first time, you likely have read and followed a recipe. If its a complex dish and you want to perfect it, then you probably added additional instructions, warnings, etc. for when you make it again.

The same concept applies when you are doing a system implementation, conversion, or upgrade. You have the basic recipe, then you walk through the steps several times to perfect it before the actual live run.

Let's put this in the context of an upgrade - an R1 to R3 upgrade to be specific.  The upgrade in-place process is very complicated with many, many steps.  There are scripts to follow, manual steps, messages to pay attention to.  You obviously want your Production upgrade to go flawlessly.  So perfect the recipe by double-checking instructions; making notes adding your own additional steps and references; and following the recipe several times so that you can make that 'perfect' dish!

When it comes time to do the Production upgrade, you want to feel confident in your steps and have perfection!  Follow your recipe - don't rush, check your notes, and take deep breaths!!!

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