Saturday, January 14, 2017

R3 Upgrade: The code upgrade - don't forget to Run code upgrade checklist!

In my prior AX Upgrade post, R3 Upgrade journey - creating the R3 environment, I referenced the Upgrade in-place technet Article.   The article details out a long and arduous procedure, it is packed full of information and steps for the system administrator to follow.  It also directs you to several other articles. When doing the code upgrade, you need to run the code upgrade checklist after applying each model.
From the Upgrade in-place technet Article
This is very critical to insure that any new objects being defined will carry across to the R3 environment.  In particular any new custom tables - it is VERY, VERY important and will affect your data upgrade!!!  The technical lingo and pointer to the technet article is "preserve legacy element IDs [AX 2012]" when upgrading.  If you miss this step, you will lose the Business Data that are in these tables.  You will have to start over with applying code layer by layer.  This is because R2 added a column, partition, to all tables so you won't be able to copy the table over using SQL "select into" command.  Refer to technet article Data partitioning architecture [AX 2012] for more information.

We missed this step in our first attempt!


  1. Hi GG, this is Daniel Zook @ Lehmans.

    I'm curious why you are doing this upgrade process yourself instead of hiring your AX partner to do it for you? Do you mind sharing your thoughts on who does what in AX upgrade projects?



    1. Daniel, thank you for the question. We are using our implementation partner to assist, but in general we are doing most of the work internally. We used our partner to advise and guide us through the "system administrator" steps. Also since they wrote customizations as a part of our original implementation, they will support us on carrying them over to the R3 environment. I'll write another post regarding projects and who should be responsible.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to your future posts!